Thai Honda drivers will soon be able to talk to their cars with Siri integration

 New Honda City 2014 Apple Siri
This week, we reported on Apple focusing more on the Asia market – China and Japan, specifically – by hiring more Siri writers for those countries. Turns out, it’s not only those countries that are getting some TLC from Apple; Thailand is getting some love too.According to MacThai, the new Honda City 2014 soon to be available in the Thai market will support Siri Eye Free, a voice control system integrated into the car that allows drivers to talk to Siri without looking at the phone. In addition, the new model will also come with seven-inch screen that can connect to the iPhone (4S and above only).

Honda is among one of the top three biggest car manufaturers in Thailand. Its plants produce about 280,000 units per year. According to Honda’s internal research, the company is becoming the best-selling automobile brand in Thailand’s passenger car segment.

The announcement of the partnership between the Japanese car manufacturer and Apple first came in January of last year. Three models – the Honda Accord, Acura RDX, and Acura ILX – were the first to get Siri integration. However, the Honda City 2014 marks the first model in Thailand in which drivers will get Apple’s personal assistant installed in the car.

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