Over 2,000 doctors later, patient management app gets $440k funding boost

OurHealthMate, a Singapore and India-based startup with an electronic health record (EMR) system for doctors and an online marketplace for medical checkups, has come a long way since it was an incubatee called MyFitnessWallet at startup accelerator JFDI last year.Then, it only had six clinics as customers. Now, the site has over 2,000 doctors and 700 medical centers listed from over 50 cities in India, with an additional 30 hospitals joining each week. This early traction was enough to secure a $440,000 seed round led by Bimal Shah, along with participation from Benjamin Tsai, Ben Ball, and other angel investors.

OurHealthMate is more than a system for doctors, it also enables people to search, book, and pay for health checkups on behalf of their families through the website. They can also receive feedback directly from the health practitioner.

It’s ideal for overseas Indians who are concerned about their aging parents’ well-being back home in India and would like a way to keep track of their health. According to the startup, 22 million non-resident Indians remit $10 billion back to India to pay for their parents’ healthcare. However, these elderly citizens often fail to make and keep medical appointments for themselves.

Not all OurHealthMate users are paying customers. Its EMR system is being used by 46 centers with 12 of them paying. It also earns money through a referral fee from health package bookings, with 100 families having signed up through the website.

From Chile to India

Before joining JFDI last year, the startup made it to Startup Chile, an accelerator funded by the Chilean government. Doctors came to them saying there’s a huge market for health monitoring.

“So we got doctors to help out by giving namecards to patients. We eventually accumulated a database of 3,000 patients,” says co-founder and CEO Abhinav Krishna, a serial entrepreneur and engineer who has built trading systems for investment banks.

The founders, after talking to patients, realized that they are comfortable with sharing their medical details online, and are even willing to pay for a web and mobile fitness tracking app, which they eventually developed along with their enterprise product.

However, they decided to pare down on the number of products they’re working on, even though they’ve been testing their fitness app for eight months. Krishna says:

Our focus is more defined now. We started with several half-finished products and we were trying to launch with too many features. Ever since the launch, our product evolved and it keeps evolving with the feedback we get from our clients.

OurHealthMate’s other founder is CTO Akash Kumar, a computer engineering professor. Both Krishna and Kumar, originally from India, met at elite Singapore institution Raffles Junior College over a decade ago.

JFDI will be holding three runs of its accelerator program this year. It’s now open to applications.

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