Kamcord records 2 billion mobile game videos as it launches Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions

kamcord chinese
We’ve had our eye on Kamcord, the maker of a mobile game recording SDK for iOS and Android, ever since it received funding from Chinese firms Innovation Works and Tencent (HKG:0700). We had a feeling, then, that a Chinese version was on its way, but the company revealed today it won’t be content with just China.Kamcord now offers localized versions in Chinese and Japanese, with Korean soon to come.

In September last year, the Silicon Valley-based startup reported it hit one billion videos had been recorded, and one million were shared online. Since then, those numbers have doubled: two billion videos recorded, two million shared. Another video is recorded every five seconds. Kamcord is now live in 200 games, 80 more since we last spoke.

Some of the biggest names in mobile gaming use Kamcord, including TowerMadness 2Battle Camp, and Pivvot.

Within its first few weeks officially in the Asian market, Kamcord is already being used in a handful of games. Namco Bandai’s Gregg, a Japanese platformer, is the first to take advantage of Kamcord’s Japanese localization.

One of the biggest use cases for Kamcord is sharing gameplay videos with friends. Company spokesperson Aditya Rathnam says this is relatively easy in Japan and Korea – they just have to add a few social networks like Line – but this is far trickier in China. The social media landscape is completely different from the rest of the world, so Kamcord is looking into different avenues. WeChat looks to be the obvious first move since the company has already secured investment from the popular messaging app’s maker, Tencent.

Besides its accomplishments in Asia, Kamcord has partnered with Unreal Engine 3 – a leading 3D game engine – and is the preferred mobile video recording solution of Epic Games. Kamcord is even exploring the possibility of being baked right into Unreal Engine 3 as the default option.

“This validates gameplay recording works even with the most graphically demanding games,” says company spokesperson Aditya Rathnam. Not only that, it also spans a wide variety of gameplay genres: everything from Minecraft-style games to platformers to puzzles. Kamcord has even been integrated into one of the most successful Flappy Bird clones, Fat Squirrel.

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