Facts You Didn’t Know About Twitter

Did you know that Twitter brought down the stock market in 2013 after a fake tweet by a hacked Associated Press account? How about that one billion tweets are sent every 48 hours?

These are just a sampling of the factoids you’ll find in Alltime10’s new video, “10 Curious Facts About Twitter.” The facts will make you marvel at how much the microblogging service has grown in its short time as a company and the vital role it plays in our connected lives.

In fact, Twitter is now so embedded in our culture, you’ll probably tweet these facts in 3…2…

  • One

    1. When you see that kid you babysat for is “in a relationship.”

    I hope her boyfriend likes Barney, because that was her passion the last time you guys hung out.

  • Two

    2. When you have no idea what the hashtag your little cousin used means.

    Is it an acronym? A band? The sound the cool kids make when they cough?

  • Three

    3. When you can’t remember any of your passwords.

    Extra old-person points if they’re all the same and you still can’t remember.

  • Four

    4. When you like a status before realizing it’s one of your parent’s friends.

    But hey, the price of a movie ticket is pretty outrageous.

  • Five

    5. When you worry that a stunt shouldn’t ever be done, even for the Vine.

    They could have at least put a helmet on.

  • Six

    6. When you can’t really see a picture on Instagram through all the filters.

    You wouldn’t even need glasses if people would just cool it on the sepia.

  • Seven

    7. When you side with the parent in a Tumblr rant.

    I’m sorry cutiexxxonedirection, but your mom was totally in the right for not letting you get a Harry Styles tattoo for eighth grade graduation.

  • Eight

    8. When you get a Facebook ad for planning for your retirement.

    You knew you shouldn’t have posted that Golden Girls video.


9. When nobody gets your “Top 8” joke.

How did you get friends young enough to have missed Myspace?

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