Indonesia’s design crowdsourcing site Sribu gets funding for regional expansion

We kick off this week with investment news from Indonesia. Today, the country’s design crowdsourcing marketplace Sribu 1 announced that it has raised a series A round investment from a publicly listed company in Japan called Infoteria Corporation (TYO:3853).According to the Japanese press release, Infoteria Corporation has acquired a 34.5 percent share of Sribu for an undisclosed amount. The new money will be used for regional expansion into Southeast Asia. Founder Ryan Gondokusumo comments:

The potential strategic collaboration between the two companies will help to provide an even better solution for businesses and our clients. This is a hugely important step for Sribu, which we are confident to help us develop and elevate our business to new levels.

Gondokusumo explains that Sribu will be able to serve Infoteria’s client design needs through the latter’s products like Asteria and Handbook. Asteria is a data management SaaS and is being used by over 4,000 companies while Handbook is a mobile app which lets users make a variety of business content like meeting materials, sales catalogues, and work manuals.

Sribu currently has 37,000 designers who have produced over 245,000 design portfolios for more than 1,000 paying clients. The company has 21 product design categories like logos, websites, banners, and t-shirts.

Gondokusumo will also be hiring intensively. He founded Sribu in September 2011, which then received seed funding from East Ventures in February 2012.

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