Samsung Gear Fit: A Fitness Wristband With a Curved Screen

Samsung threw a curveball at the Mobile World Congress here: In addition to the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, it launched a third wearable device, the Gear Fit.
The Gear Fit is a wristband-style wearable, much more compact and lighter than the other two Gears. It’s not just a fitness wristband like Fitbit Flex; it actually has a curved, 1.84 AMOLED touchscreen with a 432×128 pixel resolution, the first such screen to come from Samsung.

Just like the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, the Gear Fit connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you notifications of incoming emails, SMS messages, alarms and third party notifications. It does not have a camera, but it does have a built-in heart rate monitor, and — just like its Gear brethren — it’s water and dust resistant to IP67 specifications. 

Perhaps most importantly, it has a longer-lasting battery, which should be able to take you through three to four days of typical usage, and up to five days of low usage.

Pricing and the exact date of launch for the Gear Fit have not been announced.

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