World’s most popular aftermarket mobile browser makes the leap to TV

UC Browser for TV 1China-based UCWeb today announced its latest step toward its multiple-screen dreams with its browser for smart TVs. UC Browser, known widely as the world’s most popular third-party mobile browser, is now available on Android-based Smart TVs.
The TV browser comes equipped with online video libraries, online shopping, and plugins that turn your smartphone into a TV remote. For now, the browser is only in Chinese. Users’ UC accounts sync across all their devices.UC Browser for TV 2UCWeb is also planning a PC web browser to complete the chain across all platforms.

A recent iResearch report shows of the 210 million monthly active mobile browser users in China, UC Browser holds a 65.9 percent share. Usage of mobile browser doubled in China in 2013. UC Browser is the market leader in both China and India, and it claims to have 500 million active users globally.

UCWeb says smart TVs are expected to outsell regular TVs for the first time this year, so the company is effectively positioning itself in two fast-growing browser markets.

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