Philippine gaming startup Altitude Games nabs US$275,000 in seed funding


Philippine game development startup Altitude Games received US$275,000 seed funding from mobile content provider Xurpas founder Nix Nolledo, gaming company Level Up! Games co-founder Philip Cahiwat, and several other investors. The funding will help the startups springboard to create mobile games for the Philippines, and moving forward, the Asian market.

Altitude Games intends to create original mobile games “with casual gameplay that’s easy to pick up and play,” says Altitude Games creative director Luna Cruz.

Founded by five friends who have backgrounds in the gaming development scene across Southeast Asia, Altitude’s mission is to create original “mid-core” games. Altitude CEO and co-founder Gabby Dizon, together with the startup’s engineer director Marc Polican, and Luna met at Filipino gaming companyAnino Games. Technical director Paul Gadi and art director Chester Ocampo got their start creating mobile games for Symbian phones, and later went on to work at various studios.

After around 10 years of slugging in the games industry, the team is now looking to apply their experiences into their own venture. They’re currently creating their first game, which will initially be launched in the Philippines. Dizon adds:

With the number of gamers and smartphone users here, we think the Philippines be a great test bed before we launch throughout the rest of the world. We’re focusing on our first game and making sure it’s really fun and polished. We’re starting small, but we’re hoping to hit it big.

Its first game, the title of which hasn’t been revealed yet, is set to be available on Android before the end of the year.

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