Startup combines cute baby photos, a family social network and ecommerce all in one app

Founded by Hiromichi Ando and Sakurai Shoko, Kiddy is a photo diary social network targeted at families. The app, which was first launched on the Apple App Store in April 2013, lets moms and pops snap and design their kids’ photos and put them into a flashy calendar diary.“We learned through users that many families don’t want to share their private information publicly using Facebook and other social networks, and they want to share and store this information privately. So we believe firmly in closed network service, for families will grow and monetize well,” Ando says.

While declining to reveal Kiddy’s total download numbers, Ando did say there are a total of 50,000 families actively using its service (each family could include mom, pop, granny, grandpa, etc). The monthly active ratio is over 60 percent.

Kiddy’s online service is free to use. But if users want their digital photos to be printed, that’s when they pay moolah. Each photo book costs either $16.90 or $32.90 depending on the quality of the print. Alternatively, users can opt for a small fee starting from $2.59 per month to have photo cards sent to their homes each month.

kiddy-2Ando claims Kiddy’s ARPU is high compared to the average mobile application. In the future, Ando and Shoko plan to provide Kiddy’s photo book printing service globally and also introduce family graph that allows users to understand their family tree and structure.

“KiDDY [is built] not only for husband and wife but also [for] grandma and grandpa,” Ando says. “It is a platform for families.”.

Other similar photo apps for babies in Asia include InstaB, Daiby, and Babygram.

Kiddy was invested in by Archetype, Digital Garage, and some undisclosed angel investors in February 2012.

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