Art of Click, a marketing agency and ad network that doesn’t charge for clicks


Founded by Emmanuel Allix, Singapore-based Art of Click, is a mobile marketing agency and ad network that insists on charging clients based on results. In other words, it charges only if there’s a successful download, purchase, or registration.

Yeah, no joke. “We aren’t charging clicks but we are charging tangible benefits such as sales or leads,” said Allix.

Having worked at a media agency and an ad network company, Allix felt that there is a gap between advertisers’ goals and the final reporting from ad agencies. Most brands and advertisers would want more tangible returns of their ad dollars such as downloads, registration, or purchase. But ad agencies would usually boast how high a click-through rate it has achieved for clients.

There’s an obvious communication gap. But the gap also means opportunity for Allix.

Over the last eight months Art of Click grew from two to now 56 regular customers. Some of its clients include familiar tech brands such as Renren and Gumi.

In October 2013, it received more than US$500,000 of investment from Wavemaker Labs. With money in the bank, Allix plans to bump up his IT team as he is working on a unique algorithm that will optimize media spend on mobile. Art of Click also plans to venture into new markets in Asia followed by Europe.

“In order to achieve this growth, we are now running for new investments and are gearing up to welcome Series A investors. On a longer-term point of view, we want to continuously invest in our mobile advertising optimization platform,” said Allix. (See: How to pitch successfully

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