Here’s data on Malaysia’s Twitter population, where they tweet, and who they follow (INFOGRAPHIC)

Twitter Malay

Twitter is the world’s fourth most popular social network. Although it originates from the US, English is not the most common language on the platform. In fact, only 34 percent of all Tweets are in English. Malay, which is spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and a few other countries, is actually the fourth-most popular language on Twitter, accounting for 8 percent of all Tweets. But of those tweets, how many actually come from Malaysian residents?

Zocial Inc., a leading social media agency in Thailand and Malaysia has come out with an infographic explaining the Twitter landscape in Malaysia. The data was collected from February of this year.

Malaysia is home to 3.5 million Twitter users. However, only 21.8% of these users were active during the month of February. Approximately 162.4 million tweets were published in that time period, which means Malaysians sent out roughly 5.4 million tweets per day. This is quite high considering there are about 4.5 million tweets sent per day in Thai.

Also in Malaysia, three out of the five brands with the most followers on Twitter are airlines. In addition, four out of the five top brands are in the transportation industry.

Here’s the full infographic:

Twitter Malaysia infographic

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