See How One Organization Inspires the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The path to entrepreneurship can begin at any age, and The Community Inspiring Today’s Youth (CITY) is helping to pave the way for the next generation of business owners. With a common goal to champion the emerging faces of the small-business community, Entrepreneur supports the non-profit organization, which reaches out to underserved teens and young adults in Los Angeles through its 46-week micro-entrepreneurship program.

While enrolled, students work on developing their product or service under the leadership of an industry professional. Instead of teaching them to take the skills they acquire and enter the trade, or work for another company, the organization provides kids with the experience of starting their own small business. Currently, the program consists of highly motivated young adults from the ages of 14-22, some of which include youth offenders, re-entering incarcerated and on-probation youth.

Recently, The CITY received $70,000 from a fundraising event co-sponsored by Entrepreneur that was hosted by Fame and Philanthropy. The money will be used to help The CITY develop programming and curriculums, offer relevant business development courses, and provide quality after-school programming. The organization hopes to bring more than 50 students to complete the program annually. Participants receive a certificate and some may earn a start-up grant to continue their business endeavor.

Thanks to The CITY’s structured business development program and ongoing technical support, enthusiastic, young entrepreneurs are empowered with the confidence, know-how and necessary resources to potentially establish their own fully operational small business. As the organization’s reach and influence grows, it will continue to serve as a catalyst of business success and help shape a lifetime ahead of even more fruitful entrepreneurial endeavors for its participants.

To learn more about The CITY’s mission, contribute or get involved, visit

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