Wavii Founder Leaves Google

Lots of Google executives are at the Re/Code Code conference in Rancho Palos Verdes this week. But at least one of them won’t be a Google executive for very much longer.

Wavii founder Adrian Aoun is leaving the search company, a little more than a year after the $30 million acquisition of his content aggregation startup, in order to start a second company. It is unclear whether he left money on the table.

It’s also unclear what that new company will do, but Aoun is said to be bringing some of the Wavii team along with him to do it.

While at Google, Aoun was part of the Artificial Intelligence division, aggressively building out the AI organization in pursuit of Google’s goal of developing the “ultimate personal assistant.” Google considers this task — a broadening of “Google Now” — the future of search.

Aside from Google exec-ing, Aoun has invested some of his own money into startups including Pinterest, Vurb, Layer and AltSchool. Wavii itself was backed by Max Levchin, SV Angel, Marissa Mayer, Crunchfund* and others.

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