Dropbox unveils new tools for business customers

Dropbox unveils new tools for business customers

On the heels of an early-access program, Dropbox is publicly unveiling a number of new features for its Dropbox for Business customers.

Dropbox first announced the new capabilities, including view-only permissions for shared folders, passwords for shared links, and expirations for shared links, a few weeks ago. Demand for the additions was high enough that thousands of people joined the early-access program just to test-drive the new features. Thanks to that testing and the feedback Dropbox received, the features are now out for Dropbox for Business customers, according to a statement the company issued today

With more than 80,000 companies using Dropbox for Business, these new features should be a welcome addition to many companies’ workflow. The features could also help Dropbox stay top of mind for businesses that have plenty of other choices for file sharing, including Box, Egnyte, EMC’s Syncplicity, Huddle, and Microsoft.

The new features should aid in-house collaboration by allowing administrators to maintain better control over the files they share and help avoid the kind of costly mistakes that can happen when too many people have editing privileges. Likewise, the expiration option for shared links can be a useful way to make sure that multiple revisions of important files are not circulating within a team.

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