When Most Entrepreneurs Are in Their Prime (Infographic)

Timing, of course, is everything. You want your appetite for risk and your self-confidence to align. And that usually happens later than you might think.

These days, if you’re past your twenties, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that you’re past your entrepreneurial prime–at least if you’re in Silicon Valley. But that’s hardly the case, according to the most recent report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). It found that men and women are most likely to take the leap about mid-career, between the ages of 35-44.

The GEM’s report also revealed that at this stage in life, entrepreneurs’ confidence in their capabilities and their ability to spot new business opportunities are most closely aligned. What’s more, the fear of failure only decreases with age.

For a more in-depth look into the variables that factor into this career change, check out the infographic below from Column Five and Clarity, an online network for entrepreneurs.


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