Mark Zuckerberg: Why Your Facebook Page Is Reaching Fewer Customers

Every week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg encourages his employees in Menlo Park to attend a Q&A session where they can ask him anything about the company’s vision and day-to-day strategy. On Thursday, Facebook livestreamed the forum and opened it up to questions from users all over the world.

One of the questions concerned why Facebook pages for businesses have been experiencing diminished returns. Zuckerberg admitted that some businesses could be experiencing less engagement on the platform due to an increase in the number of brands posting content around the clock.

Competition to show up on users’ newsfeeds is at an all-time high, Zuckerberg said, so companies have to be smart about what they share on their Facebook page.

“Post content your customers want to see,” he said. “We optimize the newsfeed to create the best experience for our users, not to help businesses reach as many people as possible.”

Facebook has been accused of drastically limiting the organic reach of its pages to get businesses to pay for promoted posts on the social network. Zuckerberg disputed these claims, saying Facebook has “empathy” for small businesses.

“We understand what it’s like being a startup trying to grow, and overall Facebook pages are still the best organic and free way to reach customers,” he said.

During the Q&A, Zuckerberg was also asked questions about topics such as Facebook’s controversial decision requiring users to download an app for sending messages, and whether the company is losing its cool factor.

“I’m grateful for the hard questions because it gives me a chance to explain clearly what we’re doing,” the Facebook founder concluded. “It’s how we learn and evolve and become transparent as we grow.”

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