What is WearMail?

WearMail is an email client built specifically for Android Wear. This is in stark contrast to other email apps which are build for smartphones and include Wear support. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

Here’s how the app works. You sign into all of your email accounts and you can then manage all of your emails from your Android Wear device. It shows the full email if you want it to along with the sender and subject and it stacks notifications for easier management. You can do things like read, reply, delete, and mark as priority or mark as read. You can also use quick reply. It’s a very simple app but the developer seems to want this to be a Wear-first experience and you can definitely tell.

It is early on in development so there are some bugs and small issues being reported here and there. Some people are unhappy that you have to sign into your accounts again although that’s something the app needs in order to function properly. There are also some smaller features like a Do Not Disturb mode and there are a few customization settings.

WearMail screenshot

It’s good if you use Android Wear a lot.

  • An ‘Android Wear first’ email app to let you manage your email on your watch.
  • Supports a variety of email account types.
  • Free!
  • A surprising number of commands for an email app including quick reply.
  • It’s an early release which means the developer is still ironing out the issues.
  • Some people may not like signing into all of their email accounts over again.
Overall, you’re probably going to be more comfortable sticking to your main email app. Those who use their Android Wear devices a lot will probably enjoy this more than those who do not. It’s a solid app in the making once the developer gets everything straightened out.

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