10 Productivity Tricks Successful People Use

Procrastination exhausts us, but we are addicted to it. It’ll just feel good… right up to the minute when we recall that we really must get things done. That is when it will get ugly. All of us hop into ninja mode and then scramble around until everything gets accomplished–of course, half-heartedly.

Then, we vow to ourselves that we’ll never procrastinate again. But, deep inside, all of us know it’ll happen repeatedly. It is a vicious pattern, and it won’t stop unless we break it… by becoming productive. Here are 10 productivity tricks successful people use:

If you rise one hour earlier than usual each day, you will be shocked at how much you will get accomplished after a week. Additionally, rising at the same time each day stabilizes your circadian rhythm. Having a circadian rhythm that is steady allows you to become more productive within the daytime because you will be energetic and alert.

Create a list

Few things are more satisfying than crossing off an activity from the to-do list. It is tangible evidence that you truly got some tasks accomplished, and it may motivate you to tackle your whole list in a day.

Take baby steps

Did you ever put a task off for so long just to find out that it took you just 10 minutes to do it as you finally got around to it? A task, oftentimes, seems more daunting than it really is.

Rather than telling yourself that you must do 5 loads of laundry before tomorrow, merely concentrate on separating your laundry–a chore which is quicker and easier. As you get all of the laundry separated, say, ‘Now it is time to toss the whites inside the washer.’

As the whites are finished, concentrate on putting your whites inside the dryer and the towels within the washer. Concentrate on every step, and soon enough, all five loads are going to be washed, tumble dried, folded, then put away!

First consume your broccoli

If you eat your broccoli before consuming anything else on your plate, you are getting over the most dreaded portion of dinner and you finally can relax and appreciate everything else.

Certainly, this philosophy will apply to all other aspects of your life. If you do the most difficult task first time in the morning, you’re able to alleviate yourself of stress and appreciate the remainder of your day upon finishing that dreaded task.

Beat the clock

You can play a game: Check if you’re able to race the clock and beat the clock! Set a clock timer for fifty minutes and accomplish a task with complete concentration. As that time is up, take a ten-minute break. Start working again for fifty minutes, then take a ten-minute break. Repeat this cycle until everything is completed.

Voice commitments

It is a lot easier to break a vow to yourself than one you have given to somebody else. You are more likely to get something accomplished if another individual holds you accountable. Locate an entrepreneurial buddy to monitor your progress as you start a business.

Remove all temptations

Checking your Facebook alerts and reading a text might seem as if it is a harmless action that takes no more than five seconds, yet you really are being snapped out of your zone of concentration and you’ll take a while to get back on track.

Enforce the five-minute rule

If an activity takes five minutes or less to finish, do it immediately. This rule is particularly great for responding to emails or washing the dishes. As faced with an activity, instantly ask yourself if it’d take 5 minutes or less. If so, do it!

Trap yourself

If all else fails, it is time to leave yourself without any option. This means taking drastic measures to make yourself finish a task. For instance, if you have to change your car’s oil, have somebody lock you out of your home until your car’s oil pan is put away and clean.

Accept that you’re just human like everyone else

Know that nobody is perfect and you will not be rejected for not flawlessly performing the task. As faced with a challenging activity, tell yourself, ‘I am only human, and it is alright to make a mistake.’

How do you stay productive?

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