Dangerous Ivan

What is Dangerous Ivan?

Dangerous Ivan is a 2D platformer and shooter where you play as a character named Ivan. You’ll regularly interact with bad guys, challenging platforms, bears, vodka, and other stuff. It’s currently free to play in the Google Play Store with in app purchases.

The game is your classic 2D platformer with shooter elements. You’ll have to jump up and down various things, shoot bad guys (and bears), and avoid obstacles. The game play is a little slow but that actually comes in handy when things get a little chaotic. The graphics are bright, colorful, and give the illusion of 3D which makes the game look pretty good but not amazing.

There are two game modes: story and survival. In story mode you’ll break into a mansion and explore it. It’s a pretty typical premise with the usual array of traps and bad guys to avoid and kill respectively. There is Google Play Games support with leaderboards so you can go on speed runs and compete with your friends which adds a little bit of depth.

Survival mode is exactly what it sounds like. You’re put in a level and you must survive the endless waves of bad guys and obstacles for as long as possible. There are leaderboards for this as well for you Google Play Games users out there. Combined, the two modes make one enjoyable game that you shouldn’t feel too bad about wasting an afternoon playing.

Dangerous Ivan screenshot

It’s way more enjoyable if you read all the dialogue in a Russian accent.

  • Two modes: story and survival. They’re both fun.
  • Google Play Games services for those that enjoy that.
  • Simple graphics and mechanics (including on screen controls) make the game easy to pick up and play.
  • Small game (31MB) and what in app purchases it does have don’t cost more than $0.99
  • It’s slow and while that is an advantage during some parts of the game, it may be too slow for some people.
  • It’s new so there will almost certainly be a bug or two for some people.
Overall, it’s an enjoyable title. Obviously, if you don’t like 2D platformers then you won’t like this game either. Fans of the genre should enjoy it and the addition of Google Play Games services and survival mode add a bit of depth and replayability. It’s free so it doesn’t cost anything to check it out.

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