Oops AppLock

What is Oops AppLock?

Oops AppLock is a security application that allows you to lock applications and unlock them using a pattern code using your volume keys. It’s useful for those who may want to keep the kids or other people out of personal apps and adds a layer of security to your apps. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

This is one clever application. It shows up in your app drawer as K Note and when you open it, acts like a simple note taking app. However, you can set a password using your volume keys (the default is hitting the volume up key three times) to bypass the charade and get to the actual security app. From there you can manage which apps get locked and which apps do not. Each app can be assigned a key unlock which consists of up to four entries and uses your volume keys exclusively. Thus, you can lock your gallery app with volume down, up, down, up and then lock your messaging app with up, up, down, up.

To add to the trickery, you can have apps open to a fake splash screen if you so choose. This gives the app the appearance of being “stuck” when really it’s just waiting for you to unlock it. Thus, people who are trying to pry may think the phone just froze on them and stop attempting rather than try to crack a password they don’t know is there. You can customize the splash screen to other things to mess with people if you want.

oops applock review

Hilariously brilliant and effective.

  • The app is very clever and hides itself brilliantly.
  • Locks apps and requires the use of a password to unlock. Passwords are created by using the volume keys.
  • Tricks potential nosy people by fooling them into thinking the app is frozen when it’s really just waiting for a password.
  • Simple interface and controls are easy to learn once you navigate through the myriad of misdirects.
  • Thanks to its clever nature, this app may be downright confusing for some people.
  • Oops AppLock will likely drastically reduce the life expectancy of your volume rocker.
  • It’s a newer app so there are a few small bugs and issues here and there that still need to be resolved.
Overall, this app is both brilliant and hilariously effective. There are so many misdirects that it has managed to confuse some people who have downloaded it and installed it so make sure you read the FAQ on the Google Play Store description page. That way you know what’s going on. It’s free to use also and that’s always a plus.

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