BitLit featured

What is BitLit?

BitLit is an application that centers around turning your actual book collection into an ebook collection. It does this by allowing you to scan in your books and then it goes and finds a free version of that book for you to download. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with in app purchases.

Okay so here’s how it works. This app wants to help you turn your actual collection of books into a collection of ebooks that you can read on your devices. However, it wants to so in an ethical manner. You scan your bookshelf into the app and the app will tell you where you can get those ebooks for free or, if it can’t find it for free, it’ll try to find it for as cheap as possible. That way you can convert your collection to digital in the cheapest possible manner.

It’s an amazing idea but the app itself still needs a little work. The success rate is getting higher every day but it’s still a little bit low. Thankfully, the interface is easy enough to use so at least there’s that. Even if it can’t find your books for free, it can save you hours of roaming around various ebook stores looking for your titles and that is makes it worth trying out. Most, if not all of the current hiccups could easily be chalked up to release-day issues so we assume they’ll be fixed as time goes.

BitLit review

It’s like those devices that used to turn your cassettes into CDs except it’s free.

  • Helps you turn your actual book collection into a digital book collection.
  • Will help you find free versions of the books you already own or, at least, help you find it as cheaply as possible.
  • You can scan in your books one shelf at a time and the app will create a catalog of your content for you.
  • Free to use with in app purchases.
  • It’s a new app so there are still some bugs that need worked out.
  • It may have some difficulty finding books you own online but we assume that problem will lessen over time.
It does need some work. It’s a brand new application and that means there are bugs. However, it is free to download so it won’t cost you anything to try it out and see if it works for your collection. It’s a great alternative to buying everything all over again or resorting to piracy.

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