Mystery of Fortune

What is Mystery of Fortune?

Mystery of Fortune is a strategy RPG that is actually done by the same people who did Rebirth of Fortune 2 which we reviewed a couple of days ago. Yes, we’re on a strategy RPG kick this week. This title is $2.77 with in app purchases in the Google Play Store.

Much like its predecessor, there is a lot of content in Mystery of Fortune. There are 25 characters you can have on your side and over 35 enemies you can face. There is also a bunch of stuff to do and levels to complete. There are also more customization options like giving characters macros so they’ll automatically heal themselves if they’ve lost so much health. These newer elements helps give a more well-rounded strategy aspect to the game.

Unfortunately, this title plays a little more like a time waster style game (like Angry Birds) than it does a strategy RPG. The story line is thin much like its predecessor and that’s a consistent weakness in these games. Thankfully, all of the other parts of it are fun so it makes up for the lack of deep story a little bit. This is definitely geared more for the casual gamer than it is for hardcore fans of the genre.

Mystery of Fortune screenshot

A solid time waster with familiar mechanics.

  • Decent graphics and familiar mechanics make this game feel like a strategy RPG.
  • The lack of story may dissuade some people but there is a perk in that playing the game for smaller increments of time is much easier.
  • Much like other titles in this series, there is a lot of content to play through and collect.
  • Some deeper game play elements like character macros are a nice touch.
  • Geared more toward casual gamers than hardcore fans of the genre which is disappointing because the game looks really good.
  • In app purchases can get expensive and are a little stereotypical.
  • No Google Play Games achievements or cloud saving.
Overall, it’s a solid title if you want to waste some time. Fan of strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy tactics would probably prefer a game like this over something like Temple Run but they still won’t be fulfilled in the same way they would have been playing a game like Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s $2.77 which isn’t a bad price and you can get it by clicking the button below.

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