The Banner Saga

What is The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a strategy RPG that feels like a mix between Final Fantasy Tactics and a Disney movie. It features the classic elements of a strategy RPG combined with the hand-drawn, cartoon-style graphics that give it an undeniable charm. It’s currently $4.99 in the Google Play Store.

The game centers around a group of characters who are on the run. Through the various missions, you’ll have to make decisions that affect the final outcome of the game. It’s definitely a story-driven game which RPG fans will really enjoy. The graphics are reminiscent of an older Disney movie and they actually hired a real composure (Austin Wintory) to do the music. Thus, there are parts where the game feels like a narrative film that you play rather than a game with a story and we really liked that.

The game mechanics are classic strategy RPG. There are 25 playable characters and 7 character classes that you’ll have to build your team. A huge part of this game is the story progression. You’ll have to make decisions such as where you travel, who you talk to, what you say, and even how you proceed in combat will have ramifications in the main story and that is The Banner Saga’s big draw. This is definitely not another tap-to-play mobile game, that’s for sure.

The Banner Saga screenshot

This could be the next Bard’s Tale.

  • Very story-driven and the player must make decisions very frequently to determine the outcome of the game.
  • Classic strategy RPG mechanics are easy to learn and help drive the game forward.
  • The graphics make you feel like you’re playing a Disney movie. The music is also far above average.
  • No in app purchases.
  • The developers seem to be working hard to fix the bugs.
  • There are some basic game play bugs that some people experience that may or may not make you angry.
  • If you dislike story-driven games or tactical RPGs, you won’t like this.
Overall, this game is really good. There are some bugs here and there that need to be squashed but the premise is solid, the story is fun, the graphics are good, and the music is good. It’s a well rounded experience and fans of RPGs (especially tactical RPGs), will most likely enjoy this title.

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