The Best iPhone Apps of the Year, According to Apple

At the end of every year, Apple releases a list of the best iPhone apps.

Apple is known for being extremely selective, and this year’s list contains a mixture of everything — from helpful productivity apps to cutting-edge games with stunning graphics.

We’ve collected all of Apple’s top picks in one tidy place for you to learn more about each one and download your favorites.

Waterlogue turns your photos into artistic watercolors.

Image credit: Waterlogue | iTunes

Waterlogue lets you watch as it paints over your photos to create a beautiful watercolor version. There’s 14 different styles, and you can create the perfect picture by tweaking wetness, pen outlines, and colors.

Price: $2.99

NYT Now is a great way to get your news on the run.

Image credit: NYT | iTunes

With handpicked stories from The New York Times’ editors, NYT Now is designed for mobile users. The app tells you “what you need to know to start your day,” pulling content from The New York Times and other news sources.

Price: Free

Health Mate uses your iPhone’s sensors to track your activity and heart rate.

Image credit: Health Mate | iTunes

Health Mate is a minimalistic activity tracking app that works with Apple’s Health app. There’s basic step counting, the ability to set goals, and a heart rate tool that uses your iPhone’s back camera for measurements.

Price: Free

Elevate helps you improve your memory, focus, and speaking skills.

Image credit: Elevate | iTunes

Elevate features 25 short mini games that train your brain by asking you questions that will build your memory, reading comprehension, writing, math, focus, and speaking skills.

Price: Free

Steller lets you create stories with photos, videos, and text.

Image credit: Steller | iTunes

Designed to be as flexible as the story you want to tell, Steller helps you build and share multi-page stories that combine photos, text, and video however you’d like.

Price: Free

Locate and learn more about the stars with Star Walk 2.

Image credit: Star Walk 2 | iTunes

Star Walk 2 features a gorgeous design that blends reality with cutting-edge technology and astronomical data. To discover something new, just point your phone to the sky and Star Walk will do the rest.

Price: $2.99

Yummly claims to give you access to “every recipe in the world.”

Image credit: Yummly | iTunes

Yummly is a recipe and groceries app that lets you search top recipe sites and food blogs, helping you find, save, and organize your favorites.

Price: Free

Never forget your password or login details again with 1Password.

Image credit: 1Password | iTunes

p>1Password securely stores your login details and passwords for your email, credit cards, and favorite websites. Using your iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, you can then quickly fill in online forms and login credentials.

Price: Free

Stay entertained with Buzzfeed’s app.

Image credit: Buzzfeed | iTunes

If you’re in the mood for some quizzes or just want a laugh, BuzzFeed’s app has your back. Its newest update includes a widget that will let you see trending posts in the “Today” view in the Notification Center.

Price: Free

Hyperlapse from Instagram transforms your shaky footage into a stunning time-lapse.

Image credit: Hyperlapse | iTunes

Usually, to create smooth time-lapse videos, you needed expensive tripods and stabilization gear. Luckily, Hyperlapse from Instagram uses image stabilization techniques to smooth out your shaky footage, and the results are impressive. It’s great for capturing sports, car rides, weather, crowds, and journeys on foot.

Price: Free

Yahoo News Digest turns browsing the news into a beautiful experience.

Image credit: Yahoo News | iTunes

Yahoo News Digest sends you two curated digests of 7-10 articles each day: once in the morning and once in the evening. The articles pull from multiple sources, including essential factual nuggets called “atoms” that give you all you need to know in a beautiful format.

Price: Free

Camu is a great alternative to your Camera app, and it comes with a killer feature.

Image credit: Camu | iTunes

Camu is a photo and video app with all the usual features like filters and the ability to create photo collages, but its killer feature is “auto mode,” which only lets you snap a picture if your phone is completely still, which helps remove blur.

Price: Free

Human is an activity tracker that asks you to move at least 30 minutes a day.

Image credit: Human | iTunes

Whether you’re walking, running, dancing, or biking, Human will track you throughout your day, encouraging you to hit 30 minutes of activity while showing how many calories you’ve burned.

Price: Free

Storehouse turns your photos into vivid visual narratives.

Image credit: Storehouse | iTunes

p>Storehouse makes it easy to snap pictures and format them into a beautiful and smart layout that lets you tell a story. The Storehouse Newsfeed also features great curated content, and it’s a great place to discover picture-based narratives from talented photographers.

Price: Free

Spring is a shopping app that works with Apple Pay.

Image credit: Spring | iTunes

By choosing your favorite fashion and luxury brands, Spring will customize what you see when you shop. There’s new products every day, “just-on-Spring” exclusives, and it works with Apple Pay so you can pay with a fingerprint.

Price: Free

Uber lets you request your own personal taxi with the push of a button.

Image credit: bfishadow | Flickr

Uber is a ride-sharing app that takes the hassle out of catching a cab. Using the app, you can request a car, track its progress, and be notified when it arrives. Payment is handled through the app as well, through a saved credit card or Apple Pay, so you can just get out and go when you get to your destination.

Price: Free

Network TV is a new way to browse and find internet videos.

Image credit: Network TV | iTunes

Designed to learn from what videos you like watching, Network TV makes it easy to discover and share new internet videos by swiping, saving, and posting to your channel.

Price: Free

120 Sports is a great place to get expert commentary on trending sports topics.

Image credit: 120 Sports | iTunes

120 Sports is a great way to see what’s buzzing in the sports world. The app features real-time highlights and expert commentary from in-house experts, and there’s over 10 hours of live programming each day. The best part? You don’t need any cable subscription.

Price: Free

SwiftKey Keyboard is a smart keyboard that learns from you while you swipe.

Image credit: SwiftKey Keyboard | iTunes

SwiftKey replaces your iPhone’s default keyboard and lets you swipe and slide your way from letter to letter, which can increase your texting speed.

Price: Free

Litely is great photo app for adding subtle filters.

Image credit: Litely | iTunes

Litely is powerful photo app that gives your photos a film-like tone. You can tap the screen with two fingers to see what your photo looked like before adding any presets, and the app’s non-destructive editing features means you never have to worry about losing your original.

Price: Free

Paper by Facebook combines your Newsfeed and current events in an elegant way.

Image credit: theofficialfacebook | youtube

Paper by Facebook is a unique way to ingest all of the stories you see on Facebook, whether they’re from your friends or a news outlet. You can post directly to Facebook from within the app, or customize the topics you’ll see with a nifty carousel that lets you mix culture, science, news, and whatever other topics are up your alley.

Price: Free

Camera+ is a great alternative to your iPhone’s default Camera app.

Image credit: Camera+ | iTunes

Camera+ features everything you need to snap and edit beautiful photos. There’s dozens of filters, photo frames, exposure and focus controls, and a handy tool called “Clarity” that brings out the best from your photos.

Price: $2.99

Cinamatic is a great tool for creating short films and sharing them on social media.

Image credit: Cinamatic | iTunes

Cinamatic is a minimal video app lets you create short films up to 60 seconds in length. You can string together individual clips, choose a video filter, and then post easily to Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Price: Free

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