Alongways featured

What is Alongways?

Alongways is a sort of navigation app that acts as a tag-along to your regular navigation app. Most navigation apps focus on the point A to point B drive while Alongways focuses on all the places between. It’s currently $0.99 in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how it works. You input the starting point and the ending point. Alongways then finds all the places you can stop between those two destinations. It also helps you find reviews, contact information, and other information about the establishments so you can make plans to stop there. This can be very helpful for longer road trips where stopping will not only be necessary but essential although it loses a lot of its functionality if you end up flying somewhere instead.

Some of the use cases the developer mentions includes finding pet friendly hotels between your starting and ending point so you can find a place that will let you have your pet in the room. You can also look for restaurants, places to park things like RVs, gas stations, rest stops, and even some tourist attractions. Other functionality includes bookmarking your favorite places if you take frequent road trips to the same place and adding way-points to your navigation so you get directions to each establishment.

Alongways screenshot developer interview

A good addition to your adventure.

  • Helps you find stops on your trip for fun, rest, food, or gas based on criteria you need.
  • Simple design makes it easy to use.
  • Bookmarking favorite spots and way-points are a nice touch.
  • Works great for holiday road trips, travelers, and truckers.
  • Also helps find contact info, directions, and reviews about places where you plan to stop.
  • A demo version would have been nice.
  • Probably won’t replace Google Maps or HERE Maps as a main source of navigation.
Overall, this is a nifty little app. It likely won’t displace Google Maps or HERE Maps in terms of pure functionality but it’s a nice addition to your navigation set up. Especially for people who want to find out-of-the-way places or those who travel with some restrictions like pets.

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