Drunk Locker

What is Drunk Locker?

Drunk Locker is an app that does what your friends are supposed to do when you get drunk. You set it before you go out drinking and the app prevents you from posting to social media until after you’ve woken up. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

The premise is very simple. The app locks six different social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Basically the six most likely places you will make social mistakes when drunk. You set the app to lock it for a specific amount of time and you absolutely cannot access those things until the timer is up.

The fun part is that this can be useful in other ways aside from being your personal censor when you’re too drunk. It’s also good for blocking social media while you’re studying and working or at school so it could be a legitimate productivity tool as well. The interface is very simple and consists of check boxes for the social networks, a drop down menu to choose how long you want it to work, and then the block button.

drunk locker screenshot

I swear to officer, I’m not God, drunk!

  • Locks up to six social media sites to prevent you from going on them until the time limit is up.
  • Simple interface makes it almost impossible to not get right.
  • Free with no in app purchases.
  • Can be used for non-drunk reasons, such as blocking yourself from going to Facebook at work.
  • Powered by good intentions.
  • It’s a fairly new app which means there may be bugs to work out.
  • If your’e a particularly smart drunk person, you can just uninstall the app and get around it.
  • We wish it’d block more apps, like texting apps and messaging platforms (Hangouts, Whatsapp).
Overall, this is a very simple app that could be very useful depending on who you are and what kind of stuff you do. It is intended for those who get black out drunk and want to do say bad things on social media but it could be used for other, less inebriated reasons. It’s free to use so check it out!

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