The 5 Most Profitable Industries in the U.S.

Gaudy revenue figures may get a business a lot of attention, but profits are where companies live and die.

As a part of Inc.‘s annual look at the best industries for starting a business, we decided to highlight the niche sectors that may not make as many headlines based on revenue, but that have higher-than-usual profit margins.

The selections come from IBISWorld’s exhaustive list of U.S. sectors, which looks at everything from projected revenue growth to labor requirements. Here are the five best industries for starting a business in the U.S. based on profit margin.

Note: Because of high barriers to entry, the following industries were excluded from the below list: high frequency trading, private equity and hedge funds, trusts and estates, and oil pipeline transportation. 

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16 Startup Trends That Will Be Huge in 2015

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has invested in some of today’s most talked-about startups, including Slack, Buzzfeed, and Instacart.

Andreessen Horowitz has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in tech. Over on the firm’s website, its investors have shared 16 trends and themes they’re excited about this year. It’s a sort of State of the Union for what’s happening in tech.

We’ve compiled Andreessen Horowitz’s predictions for the 16 startup themes that will be big this year.

1. Virtual reality

“Computer enthusiasts and science fiction writers have dreamed about VR for decades. But earlier attempts to develop it, especially in the 1990s, were disappointing. It turns out the technology wasn’t ready yet. What’s happening now — because of Moore’s Law, and also the rapid improvement of processors, screens, and accelerometers, driven by the smartphone boom — is that VR is finally ready to go mainstream,” Chris Dixon, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, says.

We’ve already started to see the emergence of virtual reality: people are still excited and curious about Oculus, which Facebook announced it was acquiring last March. Microsoft and Apple are also reportedly exploring virtual reality too.

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Four Communications Trends in 2015

Even ten years ago, no one could have predicted the speed and clutter of communications businesses face every day. As a result, every day it gets more and more difficult to get your marketing message out–let alone to the people you need to reach.

As the environment has changed, tactics have too. And if your business hasn’t adapted, or is not prepared to, you’re going to be left behind as your competitors (or others) do.

According to CEO of the predictive platform SimpleRelevance Erik Severinghaus, many companies fail to optimize messages in pivotal ways that would help them reach customers.

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22 Korean Startups to Watch For in 2015

Recently, South Korea’s technology setting has drawn attention from huge Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, whose founder Mark Zuckerberg visited the country two times in 2 years. Google is within the process of opening a 20,000-sq.-ft. start-up center inside Seoul in order to nurture domestic start-ups as well as provide them more exposure on a global basis.

South Korea’s start-ups, in the past, had trouble connecting with users outside of the country. However, the present circle of young entrepreneurs, most of whom studied outside of Korea, are beginning businesses that have global ambitions. They also are getting more assistance from government programs matching private investments with public grants. Here are 22 Korean startups to watch for in 2015:


NPCore’s security engine is based on behavior that secures the system before attackers harm the system, whereas traditional pattern based security solutions such as Anti-virus only block previously occurred security attacks. NPCore provides APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) defense solutions not only for enterprise networks (network based solution; B2B), but also for user PCs and Mobiles (end-point based solution; B2B and B2C).


HUiNNO is working to lead the healthcare industry through wearable technology. CIRCLO by HUiNNO is a new innovative smart watch that can measure blood pressure instantly, accurately, and continuously to help manage your health without traditional cuffs.

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10 Quotes From Entrepreneurial Icons That Will Inspire You to Crush 2015

Increase Your Conversion Rates With These 7 Landing Page Must Have's

With 2015 right around the corner, that means new goals, new challenges, new opportunities and new milestones await. Here are 10 great quotes from successful entrepreneurs to inspire you to come out swinging in 2015, whether that involves growing a current business or starting a new venture.

1. I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big. — Donald Trump

No successful entrepreneur starts something with the goal of being mildly successful, especially not Donald Trump. If you truly believe that you have an amazing idea or think you can expand your business, then go for it. The “go big or go home” mentality has worked very well for many — will you be next?

2. Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough. — Mark Zukerberg

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Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Posts From Richard Branson in 2014

When it comes to launching a business, serial entrepreneur Richard Branson has “been there, done that” several times over. Starting with the student magazine he co-created at 16, Branson has founded many, many enterprises, most notably the Virgin Group. Luckily for the next generation of entrepreneurs, he’s eager to open up about the lessons he’s learned along the way.

From his top 10 tips to succeeding at business, to the importance of building a support system, to the necessity of finding your passion project, here are the most popular columns Branson shared with readers this past year.

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Facebook in 2015: Drones, messaging and virtual reality, oh my!

As Facebook has matured into a social media platform unrivaled in size and reach in recent years, the persistent question hanging over the company in 2014 has been: what’s next?

To properly answer that question it’s best to look into the company’s recent past to glean a hint at what might be in store for Facebook in 2015.


Earlier this year, Facebook recovered from its stinging rebuke from Snapchat by snapping up the messaging app WhatsApp for $16 billion in February. The app, which currently claims to have 600 million active monthly users, added a significant amount of heft to the company’s already massive billion-user base. Nevertheless, the acquisition hasn’t appeared to put a dent in Snapchat’s popularity.

slingshot messages

Slingshot allows you to draw on photos. You can control the size of the brush by moving your finger farther away from the color bar.

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