The 3 Reasons Most People Fall Short at Entrepreneurship

Winning the Day Starts With Winning the Morning

Being a former professional athlete, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do didn’t involve blocking, tackling or going through the dreadful dog days of training camp. It was becoming a successful entrepreneur.

That might come as a shock, as you would expect having a 300-hundred-pound, angry, big and very agile offensive lineman trying to take your head off every single play would be difficult on you. Of course, football, and most sports for that matter, weed out the weak, undetermined and those who have no discipline at all. However, in my eyes, entrepreneurship is the true test of mental strength, guts and courage.

A great majority of entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners fail. We have been hearing that for a while now, and if it isn’t some news source or latest research telling us how hard it is to make it in entrepreneurship — family members and friends are sure to give you their input on how you are out of your mind for even contemplating bringing an idea of yours into the marketplace.

Why is it that most entrepreneurs fall short, or even worse, never even get off the ground? I had the wonderful privilege to chat with entrepreneur, New York Times-bestselling author and mega hustler Gary Vaynerchuk this week to find out what you can do to not fall into the very crowded space of wannapreneurs.

Here are three reasons as to why most entrepreneurs fall short.

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The 4 Embers of the Entrepreneurial Fire

The difference between a Silicon Valley icon and the employee next door isn’t funding — most of the time it isn’t even the idea — it’s the entrepreneurial fire within.

Yet, more often than not, the entrepreneurial flame is extinguished just as quickly as it was lit. So how do you feed the fire?

The list of advice one can get online is endless. However, there are some crucial, fundamental words of wisdom. While these cornerstones can be hard to live by, and even harder to remain steadfast to, they are what makes entrepreneurs successful.

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Toms’ Blake Mycoskie on the Mistake Too Many Entrepreneurs Make

Convincing a large a retailer to sell your product is a great achievement for many entrepreneurs, but it can also wind up hurting your business in the long run.

As Toms founder Blake Mycoskie explained in a recent interview with Inc., many entrepreneurs don’t realize there are times when they should be picky about choosing the retailers they partner with.

“They’re so eager to get into one of these big retailers that they basically will do anything and agree to any terms, even if it’s not sustainable in the long term,” he says. “You’ve got to have an honest conversation with yourself about what type of margin you need to build a successful business.”

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15 Startup Podcasters You Need To Follow

As an entrepreneur you will never stop learning. While there are plenty of articles, webinars, infographics, eBooks, etc. out there to assist with helping your startup grow, too many people are overlooking one of the most convenient types of content- podcasts. Recently, this format designed specifically for one the go people has had a huge comeback. As podcasting becomes a hot trend, more and more industry leaders are sharing their knowledge and advice via podcasts.

If you are looking to make the most of your daily commute, daily work out , or flight, there is nothing better than listening to an entertaining, inspiring, and informative podcast. But, with so many options, which podcasts should you follow? I rounded up the top 15 podcasts so you can dive right in.

15 Startup Podcasters You Need To Follow

1. This Week in Startups

When it comes to podcasting heavyweights, it doesn’t get any bigger than Jason Calacanis’ “This Week in Startups”. Twice a week this entrepreneur turned investor interviews some of the most influential names in the entrepreneur and startup communities. Over the years he’s interviewed everyone from Mark Cuban to Travis Kalanick (Uber) to Steve Huffman (Redditt) in order to provide inspiration and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow their startup.

2. Mixergy

Launched by Andrew Warner, Mixergy isn’t your run-of-the mill podcast. While there are interviews–almost 1,100 in fact–the real genius behind Mixergy is that founders from companies like Wikipedia or Groupon to teach courses. Why? Because Mixergy is on a mission to ” to introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you”.

While there is access to some of this amazing content, if you select a subscription plan–such as the Premium Content plan–you’ll be allowed to listen to hundreds of interviews with established entrepreneurs and be a part of dozens of courses.

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6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Sharp and Avoid Burnout

So on January 1, she kick starts a whole new approach to life and work:

  • Waking up at 5 a.m. to run a 10K before work (she used to attend gym classes in the evening—sometimes)
  • Submitting proposals to present at four industry conferences in 2015
  • Crafting ambitious to-do lists every Monday (and not leaving work before finishing each day’s list)
  • Reading twenty new business books before 2016
  • Attending two networking events each month
  • Hitting inbox zero every Friday

How will Samantha feel on February 1? Probably burned out, starved for motivation, and feeling like a failure for not living up to her own unrealistic goals.

For those of us who didn’t suddenly become superhuman in 2015, we know that success this year will come from the same behaviors as in past years: hard work, perseverance, learning from mistakes, positivity, and time to recharge.

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China Will Launch A $6.5B Venture Fund To Support Startups

China’s government will launch a new 40 billion RMB (about $6.5 billion) venture capital fund to invest in seed-stage tech startups. The news comes as investor interest in Chinese VC firms recovers after several years of decline.

The Chinese government said the fund will include capital from the government as well as private investors.

In an announcement earlier this week (link via Google Translate), Le Keqiang, premier of China’s state council, said that the purpose of the fund is to support development of emerging industries, which the government hopes will eventually translate into greater economic growth.

As the Financial Times notes, the launch of the government-sponsored VC fund fits into China’s efforts at financial reform by increasing investment in private sectors and reducing its economy’s reliance on fixed asset investments in infrastructure and property.

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9 Extremely Clever Startup Funding Stories

So you think your business idea is dead because you can’t find an investor? Most new entrepreneurs feel the same way.

Through email exchanges with business owners and a few nonprofit founders, I found nine very clever funding stories from founders who made their projects flourish — renegade style.

1. Seek international sponsorship.

When Adam Lyons was launching The Zebra, an Austin company offering a Kayak-type search engine for car insurance, he decided to look overseas to find an outfit that had already successfully developed same business model. He found U.K. billionaire Simon Nixon, who had made a fortune with

Lyons offered to become his U.S. partner and Nixon accepted his proposal, Lyons asserts via email.

“Not everyone may think to search for investors in other emerging markets who have experience with similar business models,” Lyons shares via email. “But for us, it was beyond beneficial.”

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